Fresh Graduate ? How to Build up Great CV

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After five years in University you finally Completed your Bachelor Degree and now you should Apply For  a Job.

You Know that you have to Write CV but you Don’t Know how to Write it and What to Write Since You Are A Fresh

Graduate So you Don’t Have Any previous Experience . 

in this Article We Are Going to help you to Know What you should and shouldn’t  Write . this Article is Only For Fresh Graduate . 

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How To begin 

First you should Look For a template to Make your CV look Professional . There is tons of CV template in the internet

and also App to Create Template for you . You Can Also Use Microsoft Word For CV Templates 

in General You will need to have this thing in you CV  

  • Professional Template For you CV 
  • Your Personal information ( Name , Phone number , Email , LinkedIn ) 
  • Bio
  • Your Education Levels 
  • Experience  
  • Skills 
  • Any Other certificate You have 

All of this should be only in One Paper ! Most of employee look at CVs For 2-3 Second only so the most important

information that you want them to look at  Should be at the top and the center of your CV . 

Professional Template For you CV 

this is the First Step , as we Explained you will find ton of them in google or in Microsoft Word templet 

Personal information 

including you Name , Phone Number , Email and LinkedIn you should not Add your Date of birth 

also your email should look Professional 


should Speak about your self Why you want this Company and what you want to achieve and the things that you will give  

Education Level 

University  ” Name of University  ” – “Date of graduation” 

High School ” Name of  high school ” – “Date of graduation” it should be written in this order 


the Problem is that your a Fresh Graduate so it is unlikely that you have much  Work experience during your Study.

However you can Write Any Work Experience that you had . even if it was for only 3-2 month .  

Also you Can Write About your Volunteering  and write all the tasks that was assigned to you 


You should divide your Skills into at least 3 rows and 3 columns . in the first Column write the Soft Skills , like Communication , Team Work , Leadership 

in the Second Columns Write Your Hands-On Skills For example Welding , programming , operating machine 

in the third Column Write about all the Software that you Know how to use . Microsoft Office , MATLAB ,MySQL . 

Any Other certificate You have

Any other courses that you have , or any license you have . For example a license in Health and Safety will be good . 

if you don’t have any of them . then you Should try to sign in the courses of Coursera and Edx . they have plenty of

online Courses that you Can get certified For 49$ a month ( Coursera )  

If You still didn’t Know how to Write a CV then you can Try Our Free Service 

Things try not to do in your CV 

  • Don’t lie : if you got a job interview they will ask you about every thing in details. you don’t want them to see you as a liar 
  • Don’t Add a picture : your pic may be not a Professional picture but they will judge you based on it . 
  • Don’t Add DOB : As they might think that you still young of old based on this information  
  • Don’t Add your GPA : if it was not that good . 

but , you will have to add this things if they ask you to do So when you are applying 

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