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Writing PowerPoint is different than Writing Reports & Research , So we should look at it in a very different way so We can Create a Professional and Creative PowerPoint. But first We must identify What is the Difference Between Writing Report and Presentation . 

Writing Reports VS Presentation 


  • When you Write Reports you need to show your findings by using references and other Writing method . 
  • there is many different type of Report and each type may need some other requirement but overall all of them will need you to present your Writing Skill , Referencing , and how the idea is Connected so the reader can understand your Point of View     
  •   When you Write Presentation you need to Show your finding Using Images , bullet Points , and chart .. a lot of charts 
  • Presentation is only one type , and you need to present your talking skills and using images , chart , bullets Point to abbreviate 20 – 30 pages of Writing Reports 

So Now after we understand the Differences  we can understand what our Presentation should have 

things your presentation Must have   

  • charts to explain your ideas especially if there is Numbers or finance in your Presentation
  • images that you can actually talk about or describe something in them 
  • Bullet Point or short sentence 
  • Creative  design since you need the attention from listener so you must make your design easy and creative and have a lot of drawings and images so he can understand it only by looking 
  • and the most important thing is your Skills in presenting and talking , your energy .

Now we can summarize all what we need to have in our Presentation And Start the Work . 

  1. First you Should identify the Topic that you want to talk about 
  2. gather all the information that you want to talk about 
  3. Write an outline and Put all the Main idea that you want to talk about 
  4. consider how many slides you need depending on the time that you have to present yourself 
  5. now what is the order of each idea ? you need them to be connected so you will not loss the  listener 
  6. Begin Writing you Presentation bullet Point 
  7. insert images , insert Chart   

Where to find Good Topics ?

You can find a lot of easy Presentation ideas in Google but to be honest , We all know that Choosing the idea is not something you will always can do . if it was Presentation For Work then you can’t talk about Global Warming ! so you need to develop the Skills of presentations . Search about the Topic and try to find new information that you think the listener does not know . however if you Can Choose your Presentation idea by yourself then there is a lot of good idea that you will find it when you Click her 

Create Creative PowerPoint ? 

When Creating PowerPoint you Will need to have a good looking PowerPoint, making your Presentation look very Good With More image and Symbols will make Your Work much more easier . her is some tips :

  • if you have Microsoft Office 365 plus then you will have a feature in your PowerPoint called as Design. enable this feature as it will create for you the best design based on the AI 
  • Search For template to use , there is a lot of Free template that you any use Click her 
  • You can also Find some good template in your iPhone by downloading” Canva ”  A graphic designer app that have tons of template and Mind Maps etc… ( iOS )
  • Try to use more Symbols and less Writing 
  • All the slides should be from the same template or Color 
  • choose colors that is good for the eyes . 
  • Use chart to Explain Number , Bar chart , line Chart etc.. you can create charts using Excel , Word , tableau , any one of them is good 

Things You Must Do to be Professional 

90% of the presentation is up to you how you talk and what you do , all of this thing will define whether you will present in a Professional  way follow this Points  

  • be confident , pretend to be confident
  • keep the eye contact and try to look at all the audience
  • don’t read From the Presentation , try to memorize it 
  • prepare before you begin the presentation

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