Writing is Now easier thanks to this tools

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Every day a new App and technology come to us , and with it a new websites and tools will emerge . this type of tools will help you a lot in Writing . Using this tools will make your Writing Skill better and the process of Writing will be Much more easier . try this tools :

Tools for Writing


Write you Content or past it her and this tool will give all the details about your Writing . it will show you what  you should improve and how much readability is you Content  

When Writing sometimes don’t you think that you are repeating the Same Word over and over ? this will end thanks to this New tool . just type the Word that you Want and you will see hundreds of Words that is the Same meaning as your Word  

if you want to search for a new Content to Write you will need this tool . as it can give you all the details about the Subject that you Write About . For example maybe you Want to Know what is the highest topic that blogs Write About or the People sharing it with each other . this tool will give you this information 

Famous Writing Tools 

i think every one Know about this Tool . this can be used as extension to Chrome , Safari etc.. this tool can help you when Writing by identifying Wrong grammar and how to correct it and also they provide many other tools in  Grammarly For example  style and vocabulary enhancements and online Reader tool and much more.

however this tool is only in this list because it can help you when you use Google Document and sending emails . Not in Writing Report since Microsoft Word Have it own grammar Detection system . But you may use it when using Google Docs and in LinkedIn .  

i don’t Know why a lot of people till know they didn’t know about this powerful tool , if you have any report or research you should first search about the topic in Google Scholar as it will show you tons and tons of research about this topic , you can view them as PDF file  easily . you may use them as a references. 

Will this tool you may only find it in Microsoft Office 365 but it is a very powerful tool . type in the research section any keyword you want and all the Articles that talk about the same keyword will popup. then you can add it by a single click and it will be registered in your references list  saving you a lot of time and effort . 


this is only a small list of tools that may help you when Writing Your Reports . from time to time we will Write About more tools that you can use .  

Also don’t Forget that we Provide a Service of checking Reports , CV etc..  try it  


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