How to take Advantage of time After Graduation

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this question may come to your mind after graduation . you will feel like there is something missing in your day ,

actually you will feel like your life has just changed and you are now in a new era of yourself . after few weeks or

months you will start to feel that your days is longer and boring as you don’t have anything to do , and sometime you

may think to yourself I should do something useful from my time . you will think of this idea from moment or dayes

and then some people will forget about it .

but since you Searched for things to do and you find this page then this mean that you are really want to take

Advantage of your time . and believe me this is the best thing to do while waiting for your Job . dont waste you days

and months sleeping or hanging out and don’t do anything useful from your time . 

in this Article i will list some things that you can do . i did some of them . 

Applying For jobs 

Try your best to schedule a time where you only spent it in Applying For Jobs . you Can Apply in LinkedIn or many

many other Websites and Companies. One hour a day you will shutdown every thing around you except your

Phone/Laptop and for 1 hour you will be Searching and applying for jobs . if you do it every day you will end up with a

very good results . And don’t Forget to Update you Cvs !

Get a license

 the best thing that you if you got a Courses and licenses from well Known Organizations in your Major . For Example if

you were an Engineer getting a Certificate From CAD software , ASTM ,API ,IOSH ,NEBOSH, AWS . will be something

really good and will help you a lot in your future . Search for this Kind of licenses in your Major and try to get even one

of them since most of them have Some requirements 

Get Certified 

there is a lot of courses withier they were related to you Major or not . still it will be a New thing to Learn and maybe

will help you in your Career . remember that learning will never Stop . and you should try to learn new things all your

life . there is Several Sites that provide free  Courses  . but to get the certificate you should pay . Coursera , Edx, have a

lot of Courses in a very good Prices . this Courses are actually from well Know Universities . this certificate will be really

Good in your CVs and your LinkedIn Profile .  

Try to Find internship or Volunteer Work  

Doing some Volunteer Work will help you to Know more people , and to have Connection . also this is considered as an

experience and you should try to get experience whenever you can as it will help you a lot when Applying For Jobs    

Learn New language 

learning a new language will help you in your future and during you Job . if you were not that good in English

language you should try too learn it better . if you were already good in it then try another New language . imagine if

you were in a Job interview and they know that you Speak THREE languages ! your chances to get this position will be

higher now . there is Several Free Apps that you can learn from , and also in Coursera and Edx there is some language

Courses Free to Audit 

Try New Hobbies

Try to do new things that you didn’t know before . for example reading , going to Gym , Cooking . you may find it fun

and also you will learn something new that you may/may not be good at , But at least you tried every thing . 

Learn New Software /Coding 

Learning New Software will give you an advantage since technology has become every where . there is a lot of

Software that can reduce the amount of Work that was been done Manually . so by learning this type of Software you

will have knowledge about how to do some tasks or work efficiently and in less time and effort . some Examples is

SolidWorks  , Excel Modeling  , Tableau , MySQL , 3D printing , Some Programming languages ( Python etc.. )  Microsoft Office tools

Find your Weakness 

Another thing that you may try to do is to enhance you knowledge about your Major to be ready when asked in as

interview . some times you may forget Some of what you learned , it’s actually not a big issue , you still can enhance

your knowledge more by  reversing what you learned and knowing what topics that you are weak in it and try to improve it .

Get Fun !

you may feel board and that something is missing and you want to get a job fast . but don’t forget , after the job you

will have a lot of responsibilities . and during your Study you were also under the pressure of passing exams and

projects . So for now just try to relax and get some break for yourself , you deserve it  . But Not All the Day !


i tried to do every one of this Guidelines and to be honest after some time i stopped from doing half of them . But i did

the other half ! and i feel that my time waiting for a job didn’t go in vain ! 

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